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Time Over Distance Over Time

“Moving.....compelling”..... “wild, relentless energy”... “filled with hope, pain, longing and memory”...

“beautifully rendered”..... “flawlessly executed” 


.... some of the ways our performances of Time Over Distance Over Time at the Dublin Dance Festival 2016 were

described by audiences and reviewers.


The dance explored personal experiences of migration asking the question; when we feel the

distances between us somehow increasing, in a world that's meant to be getting smaller,

how do we “bridge the gap”? Digital technology is the lifeline; but ultimately a poor

substitute for the full presence of a person, standing beside you and understanding you. 


Working remotely with a cast living between Australia and Ireland, this piece

highlighted the sense of fragmentation that occurs over distances in

relationships when the full physicality of a loved one is reduced to

a voice down the phone or a two dimensional image on a screen. 


Following on from the Dublin Dance Festival performances 

Time Over Distance Over Time has since performed at 

Brisbane Powerhouse and FORM Dance Projects'

Dance Bites Festival in Sydney supported by Culture Ireland

as part of their I Am Ireland Centenary Programme 2016. 


The Sydney Morning Herald described the piece as “a

moving explorationof separation” and “an enjoyable work

designed to make us think and recall ourown experiences

as well as those of others. Themovement is organic,

softly moulded to the communicationof bodies and minds

..... the strongest impression is the impact of the

ensemble..They move and breathe almost as one.”

Jill Sykes 


A co-production between Liz Roche Company and

Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane with

presenting partners Dublin Dance Festival and

Live Collision Festival.

Photos: Luca Truffarelli. 




Time Over Distance Over Time is a multi-disciplinary 

work where a specially designed interactive digital 

programme by Brisbane based Jared Donovan, found text 

and choreography by Liz Roche meet and interact with 

the film work of Luca Truffarelli, a beautiful light design 

by Aideen Malone and an ingenious set piece by Paul 

O'Mahony. The performers are the central point to this 

work which is built on their shared dance histories, their 

vast personal and shared experience, their subtlety in 

performance and ease together as a group – all woven 

into the dance. 



Henry Montes (UK), Rahel Vonmoos (UK & Switzerland),

Simone Litchfield (Australia), Liz Roche (Ireland),

Jenny Roche (Ireland & Australia),Grant McLay (Australia) 

Choreography and concept LIZ ROCHE 

Film LUCA TRUFFARELLI (Italy & Ireland) 

Lighting Design AIDEEN MALONE (UK & Ireland) 

Interactive Visual Design JARED DONOVAN (Australia) 

Music Composition RAY HARMAN (Ireland) 

Set Elements PAUL O”MAHONY (Ireland) 


Production Manager STEPHEN DODD


Performance at The Complex Dublin May 19th 2016 Dublin Dance Festival

Performance at Brisbane Powerhouse June 28th 2016

Promotional Trailer DDF 2016

Time Over Distance Over Time - Gallery Installation


was presented as a participatory dance, film and digital technology installation, accessible for all ages at Live Collision Festival in December 2016 in Project Arts Centre. As part of touring the stage piece to theatres, the installation version is also available for Gallery spaces. This could allow audiences to engage with the piece first in a more participatory way before enjoying the experience in the theatre.

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