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TIME OVER DISTANCE OVER TIME was presented as a participatory dance, film and digital technology installation, accessible for all ages at Live Collision Festival in December in Project Arts Centre. As part of touring the stage piece to theatres, the installation version is also available for Gallery spaces. This could allow audiences to engage with the piece first in a more participatory way before enjoying the experience in the theatre.

How it works :There are three dancers present at all times who are performing with the digital technology and sound while showing the audience how it works and encouraging them to take part.

Groups of audiences of any age are invited to interact with the digital technology which allows them to compose images of themselves on screen which then fade at a slower rate so their image is experienced as a sort of fading photo. People naturally begin to create family portraits which are fun to make and at the same time, affecting to watch. The soundtrack reads letters from Irish immigrants in Australia in the 1850's and we are reminded in these that loneliness and longing for loved ones is the same the world over no matter what century we are in.

4 films are playing which chart the various stages involved in the making of the piece. This footage includes rehearsals in Dublin and in Brisbane and a short film Rhizomes that we made with members of Dublin Youth Theatre to document young people's experiences of emigration.

Choreography Liz Roche

Film and Sound Luca Truffarelli

Lighting Aideen Malone

Music Ray Harman

Interactive Visual Design Jared Donovan

Set Consultancy Paul O’Mahony

Set Build Theatre Production Services

Photography Luca Truffarelli

Performers 2016: Justine Cooper

Kevin Coquelard, Sarah Ryan.

Original cast:

Choreography by Liz Roche in collaboration with performers Grant McLay, Jenny Roche, Simone Litchfield, Henry Montes, Rahel Vonmoos

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