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Tenderfoot research week. Dance House March 6th - 10th

The company had a wonderful week of research and mentoring in early March.  


The cast of Totems, Katherine O'Malley, Marc Stevenson, Liv O'Donoghue, Henry Montes, Miguel Do Vale and Gloria Abellana, came together to work on ideas for the piece. A group of 8 young dancers were invited to join, having the opportunity to work and learn from them while being part of Liz's creative process. Voice Director at The Abbey Theatre, Andrea Ainsworth worked with the entire group over two mornings, introducing voice into the work.

Liz Roche Company Associate Artist Katherine O'Malley dances with Tenderfoot participant Ingvild Olsen

Dance House March 2017

Participants 2017 were:  

Hannah Rogerson

Suzannah Dessau

Sara Hernandez

Ingvild Olsen

Robyn Byrne

Ailish Maher

Sarah Ryan

Jessie Keenan

Some feedback from the Tenderfoot participants:

"I found it a very insighful experience. Challenging but great"

"I gained a lot in this week. It was great to meet the company dancers and get to move alongside them and the fact that there wasn't a separation between us was lovely. 

It was a great week that's given me a lot of inspiration and motivation for my future dance career. Thank you so much for having me!?"

"I really enjoyed Liz sequences, I found her movement very organic, articulated and enjoyable for the body. Is one of my first times that I don't get soreness in my body after working with new material."


"After spending this time with you and your company I am enormously calmer and more confident about what is next to come.... I've had my first glance of what it means to work professionally and am so eager to experience more. I am grateful for your providing me this invaluable experience"

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