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Professional Development Opportunities




Another hugely successful Tenderfoot workshop was held in conjunction with the MA in Contemporary Dance Performance at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance with dancers from ireland and further afield.


Photos by Maurice Gunning

Evidence of a Piece That Happened -Time Over Distance Over Time

Special project with MA in Contemporary Dance Performance at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick

Tipperary Dance Platform 2018

South Tipperary Arts Centre

Monday 8 October,  19.00 | Performance & Festival opening

Tuesday 9 October, 11.30 | Performance

Free of charge

An interactive dance, film and digital technology installation, accessible for all ages. Re-imagined from the dance piece Time Over Distance Over Time, which was created with a cast and creative team living between Australia and Ireland, this installation presents elements of the original work and the ways in which it was made. Performed by the students of the MA in MA in Contemporary Dance Performance at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance,  University of Limerick, the work captures experiences of emigration and the sense of fragmentation it causes as the full physicality of a loved one is often reduced to a voice down the phone or image on a screen. 

Choreography: Liz Roche

Performance: the MA dancers

Film: Luca Truffarelli

Interactive Visual Design: Jared Donovan

Music Composition: Ray Harman

Set Elements: Paul O’Mahony

Course Director MA Dance: Jenny Roche

Irish World Academy of Music and Dance 

In November Liz Roche Company dancer Ailish Maher performed the solo work from 12 Minute Dances at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance alongside students from the MA in Contemporary Dance Performance. It was a great experience to work with the MA students.

In February 2018 the company will again be present at UL, as Liz will conduct a research with the MA students, company and invited dancers. Liz will then go on to make a short piece for the MA students.

Liz Roche Company's Ailish Maher with MA Student Evgenia Sizmina. Photo by Maurice Gunning.

Liz Roche Company's Tenderfoot Programme

Each spring the company holds a research and mentoring week.

An open call for expressions of interest goes out and a group of young dancers are invited to come in and work in studio with the company. 

In 2018, our Tenderfoot programme will be a 3 day intensive workshop led by Liz Roche and the company, hosted by The Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at UNIVERSITY OF LIMERICK.

Dates: FEBRUARY 12th - 14th 2018 

If you want to come and dance with us, get to know the company as we work on new material and ideas together then email us at by Thursday 25th January with a brief CV/biog and link to you dancing. The 3 day workshop takes place from 10am - 5pm and is free of charge but places are by invitation and limited to 8 participants. We have 4 other spaces available for Tenderfoot participants - this is where we offer younger dancers a small stipend towards their expenses in order to take part. This workshop is in conjunction with the MA in Contemporary Dance Performance at the Irish World Academy.

Please subscribe to the mailing list (under CONTACT) to receive further information on Tenderfoot 2018.

Tenderfoot research week. Dance House March 6th - 10th 2017

 The cast of Totems, Katherine O'Malley, Marc Stevenson, Liv O'Donoghue, Henry Montes, Miguel Do Vale and Gloria Abellana, came together to work on ideas for the piece. A group of 8 young dancers were invited to join, having the opportunity to work and learn from them while being part of Liz's creative process. Voice Director at The Abbey Theatre, Andrea Ainsworth worked with the entire group over two mornings, introducing voice into the work.

Liz Roche Company Associate Artist Katherine O'Malley dances with Tenderfoot participant Ingvild Olsen

Dance House March 2017

Participants 2017 were:  

Hannah Rogerson

Suzannah Dessau

Sara Hernandez

Ingvild Olsen

Robyn Byrne

Ailish Maher

Sarah Ryan

Jessie Keenan

Some feedback from the Tenderfoot participants:

"I found it a very insighful experience. Challenging but great"

"I gained a lot in this week. It was great to meet the company dancers and get to move alongside them and the fact that there wasn't a separation between us was lovely. 

It was a great week that's given me a lot of inspiration and motivation for my future dance career. Thank you so much for having me!?"

"I really enjoyed Liz sequences, I found her movement very organic, articulated and enjoyable for the body. Is one of my first times that I don't get soreness in my body after working with new material."


"After spending this time with you and your company I am enormously calmer and more confident about what is next to come.... I've had my first glance of what it means to work professionally and am so eager to experience more. I am grateful for your providing me this invaluable experience"

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