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  • Liz Roche

THE DIALOGUES by Glòria Ros Abellana

This piece comes from a scattered mind and a gathered body.

The former, pushed and pulled in many directions, tries to hold on to some idea which could eventually become a statement, feeling under the pressure of delivering a universal truth.

The latter is ready to reveal. Celebrative, generative and vivid, guided only by the urge of its own rebirth.

This dualistic conflict evolves to be more of a creature of many possibilities, moods, and especially, questions.

The following is a dialogue between two parts of myself: me and her.

It exposes the incredulity amongst my own thoughts, the absorption and the disregard at once. Her attitude states the difficulty of communicating with words a struggle of perceptions - better transmitted with rhythm, movement and the relation between body and space.

I situate this short conversation in the same corridor where the videos have been recorded. My feeling is that, in a way, all of that is happening at the same time.



Two women sitting in a narrow corridor, facing each other. One is fully engaged with the conversation, the other vaguely present. Everything around them is white.

Me - I linger in that space that expands right after the questions.

Her - You what?

Me - I incorporate the places of confusion, clothe myself with ambiguity and fool around with my own accusations. An erratic quest to the rhythm of disorder.

Her - (Swallows and inhales).

Body - the only possible cartography of the present moment -

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