• Liz Roche


For the last part of the 'Remembering The Here Trio' project, I decided to put myself in a 'visualisation' exercise.

This is a way I frequently use toward the premiere in order to print in my memory the 'perfect' version of the movements, as I would like to execute them.

From there, I explored how my memory functions, its rhythm and the texture of the images I create; being as much as possible the witness of my memory process.

Again, I worked on the same 32 second part of The Here Trio I chose to explore previously, 'my metronome'.

The question still being, from which senses and rules does it come back to my memory, knowing I am not able to truly and fully embody it.

Finally, here it is what I call 'my metronome', performed on stage. All the researches I have done was around this moment.

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