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  • Liz Roche


Photo Credit: Luca Truffarelli | Dancer: Sarah Cerneaux THE HERE TRIO
Photo Credit: Luca Truffarelli

Without being able to truly and fully embody 'my metronome' at the moment, I am asking myself from which senses does it come back to my memory?

Working on the same part of The Here Trio I chose to explore previously, I realized the sound, or more exactly the musicality of it, is still strongly rooted in my mind and my body.

I have decided to write down the rhythm has I feel it inside.

The Score

Remembering...The Here Trio (My metronome)

Between memory, reality, fiction and imaginary....

This score represents the strong images and their musicality, dynamics and rhythm, as they are printed in my memory.

The recording

Recording of myself performing Remembering... The Here Trio (My metronome) in my room.

This live registration represents the sounds and the musicality of the 32 second dance part I chose to work on.

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