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  • Liz Roche

PARTS OF A TRIO by Ryan O'Neill

PARTS OF A TRIO takes extracts from The Here Trio, a piece which explores themes of boundaries and belonging.

In the midst of a pandemic, the prescribed boundaries of social distancing and self isolation have left me questioning how long these boundaries will be in place and missing the simple exchanges of social interaction.

I find myself longing for the dances I should be doing in spaces with people I have taken for granted for many years.

The Here Trio also takes location and recent histories as its starting place. I was meant to be rehearsing the piece, this week. I have decided to work with rehearsal footage from a run in December, that sums up for me the everyday simplicity of social interaction that comes from working in the studio.

The Here Trio strives to bring us back into the moment and this experience for me has been one of solitude and longing as I work my way through movements that were so heavily connected to others in the room with me; the touch, the effort, the force, the tenderness, the care, the connections, the skin, the sweat, the breath... to watch and to be watched, to follow impulse, to tune into someone, to change the space together and to be in the space together.

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