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AT A GLANCE by Ryan O'Neill

Over this period of lockdown I have become aware of simple routines that have emerged. I aim to be in bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time each day. I start the day with a hot water and lemon. I spend a few minutes looking out the window, notice the weather or any rare glimpses of life on the street. Around this time I receive ‘your day at a glance’ from an astrology app.

In this current environment these statements, however vague have consoled, energised, sympathised with and baffled me. Some have been a cosmic connection and predicted the day ahead, other have been an ideal to live by and a reminder of humorous morals, some have left me in state of melancholy and others remind me to delete the app. However ridiculous I have become very fond of this morning ritual and how a simple sentence can set me up for the day ahead.

THE HERE TRIO by Liz Roche Company | Photo by Luca Truffarelli
THE HERE TRIO | Photo by Luca Truffarelli

Week 1

M. There are many ways to let people back in your life

T. Start writing your autobiography

W. Ask people what you need as if you believe the answer will be yes

T. Your sensitive right now, so be careful not to turn backwards

F. Your nervous system wasn’t designed for this world

S. Let the pendulum swing somewhere else right now

S. Work on your lean parts til they fatten up

Week 2

M. Lose your life build another, lose that one, build another

T. Your heart is a fish out in every lake and swamp

W. Your sensitive right now, so be careful not to discipline yourself

T. Say no

F. What would it feel like to tell the truth about yourself

S. No need to pretend to be someone else

S. Do people you love make you feel free

Week 3

M. Talk with people who add meaning to your life

T. You can have trust that the present moment is exactly as it should be

W. You can be with more than one person, you just have to be honest about it.

T. Violence can sometimes masquerade a love

F. Simple gestures can also be destructive

S. Are you hungry, angry, lonely or tired

S. Try not to numb yourself out today

Week 4

M. Your journey is all about learning to control your negative affirmations

T. Have you bitten off more than you can chew

W. Pursue the things you want, but don’t be greedy

T. Pull your weight

F. Agree to disagree

S. Let the people you love grow and change without judging or taking your love away

S. So you defend your point of view by repeatedly asserting it?

Week 5

M. Running at maximum capacity for long periods of time isn’t sustainable

T. Text them first

W. You don’t have to keep doing that to yourself

T. Silence your ego today

F. If you want your eggs hatched sit on them yourself

S. Repetition teaches the donkey

S. Your heart is not a stone

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