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The Irish World Academy, University of Limerick | Liz Roche Company | Dublin Dance Festival


Dance Transmission Across Distance & Time

Curated by Dr Jenny Roche and Liz Roche

Liz Roche Company joined forces with the Dublin Dance Festival and the Irish World Academy, University of Limerick to deliver the second edition of the Modes of Capture Symposium online.

The two day event took place as part of Dublin Dance Festival's 2020 Digital Capsule. Local and international artists, practitioners and scholars gathered together over May 29th & 30th to explore how dance artists exchange knowledge and experiences across distance and time. 

We had over 250 people registered and we are truly touched by everybody's participation and engagement, which was vital to its success.

If you missed the symposium or any of the sessions, you can now watch all of the presentations, movement responses and Q&A's online on the symposium's website:


Symposium themes included:

How do we embody and transmit movement legacies from dancer to dancer and from generation to generation? What are the knowledges honed through dancing practices and how can we bring them to light? How are we currently extending and expanding our practices through encounters enabled by travel, residencies and international/interdisciplinary projects? How might we reimagine ways of artistic exchange in an uncertain future where international travel may become increasingly restricted due to shifting borders, climate change and current global issues?


We commissioned 12 presentations and 12 movement responses so for every word spoken there will be an equivalent in movement. Speakers included: Siobhan Davies (Siobhan Davies Dance UK), John Jasperse (USA), Fearghus O'Conchuir (IRE), Finola Cronin (IRE), Carol Brown (NZ/AUS), Susan Sentler (SG), Glenna Batson (IRE), Jodi Melnick (USA), Ursula Robb (NZ/IRE), Mark Lorimer (UK/BE), Jools Gilson (UK/IRE), Philip Connaughton (IRE), Alys Longley (NZ), Máximo Corvalán-Pincheira (CL), Paul White (AU/DEU), Theo Clinkard (UK), Sarah Cerneaux (FR) with keynote by Rebecca Hilton (AU/SWE), former dancer with Stephen Petronio, Michael Clark and Jennifer Monson, and currently a professor of choreography at Stockholm University of the Arts.

Movement responses from dance artists Kévin Coquelard, Luke Murphy, Lucia Kickham, Anne-Laure Dogot, Stephanie Dufresne, Ryan O'Neill, Jazmin Chiod & Alex Iseli, and Charles Koroneho. 


The Symposium is made possible through IntraSpaces, a creative partnership between Liz Roche Company and The Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at UL, and is presented this year by Dublin Dance Festival as part of their Digital Capsule. Modes of Capture 2020 is curated by Dr Jenny Roche (Course Director of the MA in Contemporary Dance at the Irish World Academy, UL) and Liz Roche (Choreographer and Artistic Director Liz Roche Company).

Check out Dublin Dance Festival's Digital Capsule 29th May - 7th June 


“Despite the very real challenges of the moment, iI was heartened that the Modes of Capture Symposium took the initiative to use the circumstances to connect across distances that might not otherwise have occurred in the past. Perhaps it will incite maintaining these connections more frequently after the pandemic has passed."

“The opportunity to listen to artists all over the world share ideas and to realise I’m part of a larger community."

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