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MOVING INTO NOTHING by Fionnuala Conway

As I sit in this chair, I feel a grounding happening, a heaviness that helps me to sink. 

An anchor drops into the ocean.


Breathe out. 

I am here. 

Here, and nowhere. 

The waves are taking me, breathing me, rocking my body gently. 

My aching heart is easing.

This is what here has to offer: a much-needed softening.


The spine starts to unwind, feeling like a fern unfolding, uncurling. 

Where am I now?
I seem to be moving into nothing. 

Head and neck reach upwards, looking for light, moving towards the Sun. 

The edges are moving outwards, the body is expanding. 

Filling up this space; growing taller.
Forever reaching for the Sun.  

Photo: Josh Withers | Unsplash

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