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DUBLIN DANCE FESTIVAL Dēmos was shown as a Special Event: Work-in-development showing

Saturday 18th May Project Arts Centre Space Upstairs

Collaboration between choreographer Liz Roche and composer David Coonan with a cast of 9 dancers and 4 musicians


Photo of Ailish Maher, Gloria Ros Abellana and Kevin Coquelard by Maurice Gunning

Liz Roche and composer David Coonan have begun a collaboration to create a major new work for orchestra and dancers. It's about people gathering together, and the 'group' as a conduit for the personal; a communal exploration of small singular details.

Having met in 2016, choreographer Liz Roche and composer David Coonan began a creative dialogue born out of a mutual admiration for each other's work, and an initial idea grew to create a major new work for orchestra and dancers. Given the challenges of such an ambitious project, an approach emerged to create two outputs; first, a chamber ensemble composition; and second, an enlarged version for chamber orchestra. The piece will feature four musicians and 9 dancers.

In 2019 Liz Roche Company will show a live music and dance work-in-progress of this collaboration at Dublin Dance Festival with a view to developing and orchestrating the work in 2020 to be performed by the RTE Concert Orchestra with Liz Roche Company.

The commissioning of music alongside contemporary dance has always been a core aspect of Liz Roche Company's creative ethos. Composer David Coonan has written for international ensembles including the London Symphony Orchestra, the RTE National Symphony Orchestra and the BBC Symphony Orchestra among others.

Performers Kevin Coquelard, Anne-Laure Dogot, Sarah Cerneaux, Ailish Maher, Lucia Kickham, Jack Webb, Gloria Ros Abellana, Henry Montes, Sarah Fennell (apprentice)

Musicians: Kate Ellis - Cello, Alex Petcu - Percussion, Jane Hackett - Violin, Maire Carroll - Piano

Dēmos is made possible by an Arts Council Music Commission Award.

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