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12 Minute Dances - Liz Roche Company: Set by Joe Vanek, Lighting by Kevin Smith, Costume by Catherine Fay, Dancers Katherine O'Malley and Ryan O'Neill PHOTO LUCA TRUFFARELLI

Lighting Design for Dance Project 2017/18:  

Professional Development Partnership


Liz Roche Company, The Lir Academy and Dance Ireland are collaborating on a Lightiing Design for Dance Project which brings together choreographers with lighting and costume students from the Lir's MFA in design in a creative and supported performance forum.


This project grew out of an informal relationship between Liz Roche and the Lir Academy MFA lighting design programme. Liz has been workshopping new work with the MFA lighting design programme for the last three years and seeing the potential to develop this into a much wider professional development opportunity she approached Dance Ireland who agreed to partner the project.


All three organisations are delighted to be working together to bring choreographers and design MFAs into a practical and supported space for the development of their skills and new ideas.


Following an open call, choreographers Dagmara Jerzak, Justine Cooper and Lucia Kickham, under the mentorship of Liz Roche. used the space provided to them by Dance Ireland to begin the process  of collaboration with The Lir Academy MFA students Isreal Negrao, Johann Fitzpatrick, Danielle Donnally and Fenna Von Hirschheydt

There was a sold out showing of the work on Wednesday 24th January 2018 at The Lir Academy .

The choreographers and MFA students have their first meeting at the LIR academy with MFA lighting tutor Kevin Smith and Liz Roche (the photographer)

And at their sold out showing on Jan 24th

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