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Lucia Kickham

Company Associate Dance Artist

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Lucia performing in Dēmos by Liz Roche Company Work-in-progress showing DDF May 2019

Photo by Luca Truffarelli


Lucia is a Dublin-based dance artist performing and collaborating internationally since 2011. Trained in The Netherlands, she has worked with companies and artists which include TRASH, Company Philip Connaughton, junk ensemble, Liz Roche Company, Maria Nilsson Waller and Oonagh Kearney.

Lucia frequently performs at festivals in Dublin, Cork and Belfast and has toured throughout the UK, Sweden and The Netherlands. She has trained intensively with David Zambrano in Flying Low & Passing Through techniques, developing her interest in group dynamics within composition and teaching environments. In recent years Lucia has received awards from the Arts Council of Ireland, Dance Ireland, Firkin Crane Cork and the Tyrone Guthrie Centre. 

Lucia was Hatch Artist 2018 at Dance Ireland and is Associate Artist with Liz Roche Company 2018/19.

Associate Dance Artist Lucia Kickham is the recipient of the Dance Ireland HATCH Residency 2018 for the development of a new work INIT: The Warm Up Project and a Dance Limerick Percolate Residency for This is Me, Trying to Communicate. INIT: The Warm Up Project was presented as part of the Dublin Dance Festival First Looks Programme 2019.

"This is Me, Trying to Communicate" was presented on June 22nd, 7.30pm at Dance Limerick as part of the Modes of Capture Symposium.



14 September at 21:15 €11


15 & 16 September at 21:15 €15 / €13 conc.


15 September at 13:00 €15 / €13 conc.


The Lir Academy - Studio 1



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Photo by Luca Truffarelli

Work 2018 - 19

We prepare in a multitude of ways to make ourselves ready, open and available for the unexpected – getting the heart pumping, gathering adrenaline, calming the mind, tuning in to the rhythm or music. In INIT, three performers explore this concept of readiness, adaptability and availability, as they synthesise their intention and alertness to create a state of collective balance.


Performers: Ailish Maher, Alessandra Ruggeri and Nerea Gurrutxaga, DJ RKitt


Dublin Dance Festival 2019 First Looks

Dance Ireland HATCH Residency

Lucia used HATCH as an incubation period to examine the place of warm-up in contemporary dance practice. With a team of skilled dancers, guest movement practitioners, a DJ and a sports psychologist, she investigated how we, as dancers and humans, make ourselves available and open for action. How do we prepare ourselves for the unexpected and as yet unimagined future? Lucia and her creative team  explored the concepts of adaptive preparation, versatile readiness and reactive availability in performance, within dance and other movement disciplines.


Funded by the Arts Council / An Chomhairle Ealaíon. Initial development of this work was supported by Dance Ireland’s HATCH programme. Work-in-progress presented as part of First Looks, Dublin Dance Festival 2019. Supported by Liz Roche Company as Company Associate Artist.

This is Me, Trying to Communicate 

INIT: The Warm Up Project

This is Me, Trying to Communicate looks at the concept of Lingua Franca, a language that is adopted and used systematically to make communication possible between people who do not share a native language. It explores the communicative power of the dancing body as one such language. The performers play with the buoyant space between the abstract and the concrete; linking movement to spoken language, decoding and physicalising aural utterings, translating vocal dynamics into dynamic movement conversations.


This is me, trying to communicate.

This is me, talking to you in a language that you do not speak yet understand.

This is me, taking borrowed words and making them my own.

This is me, threading the edges of conversation.

This is me, tasting the space between us.

This is me, tuning in,

Tuning in to you.

Performers: Lucia Kickham and Ailish Maher.

Presented (in progress) at Dance Limerick March 2019.

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